BetFair offers lines and futures bets on all major sporting events, as well as popular current events. Updated at least every minute, the website is a vast resource center for bettors looking to post odds, and bet with or against bets made by other users. Licensed in the UK, and recognized for innovation, BetFair is the internet’s top betting exchange service.

BETFAIR is not an online bookmaker, but rather, serves as a betting exchange between two or more bettors. Users can either bet that an event will happen or that it won’t. You can also request odds for what you would like to place your bet at. Just as bettors bet with or against a traditional bookie, users of the BetFair exchange can back or lay other bettors odds up to the day of the event. Money goes from player to player, as it would in a game of poker (which BetFair offers as well).

BetFair Sportsbook ReviewBetFair is owned and managed by The Sporting Exchange Limited, which is a registered company in England and Wales. Confidentiality and security are maintained at the highest standards, for which BetFair has been widely praised. The company also won a highly esteemed Queen’s Prize in 2003 (lasting for five years) for Enterprise and Innovation.

In addition to the poker room and futures bets, BetFair has a forum where members can voice their opinions, ask questions, and share valuable information and insight. Place bets on a vast selection of events, ranging from Gaelic Games to Soccer to Politics.