Betting to Win & Matchup Betting

The coverage that sports betting receives is primarily on the major team sporting events and the most popular leagues, like American football, European football, the NBA or NFL.  But what about the other major sporting events that are not team related?  Is it possible to make bets on sports events like the Daytona 500, the U.S. Open, or The Masters?  Well, it most definitely is.  Called proposition bets, most online sportsbooks offer odds on any major sporting event, no matter if it is between two teams or a group of individuals.  On non-team sports, there are two modes of proposition bets available to online bettors – matchup betting and betting to win.

Betting to Win & Matchup Betting

Betting to Win is essentially betting on the winner of an event that involves multiple competitors, such as a NASCAR race or a PGA championship tournament.  Futures bets can be made on these event throughout the year, which is a smart bet to make for the knowledgeable sports bettor.  For those who do not know what futures bets are, they are bets made early on predicting the winner of an event.  Whatever the odds are at the time the bet is placed, will remain fixed even if the odds change at a later time closer to the event.  For instance, let’s say that Jeff Gordon is somewhat favored to win the Daytona 500 three months before the actual race with 10 to 1 odds.  If you were to place a bet on him at that time, you will be paid according to those odds, even if they change to 4 to 1 on the day of the event.

In sports that pit competitor against competitor like tennis and boxing, matchup betting is the mode of placing bets.  In this form, you simply bet on one or the other to win.  Depending on the odds, one bet will pay more than the other.  A money-line is used to calculate the odds and payouts to players.  It works in such a way that it in order to win $100, the money line will state how much a player needs to bet on the favorite.  The same money line will than state how much a player will win if they bet $100 on the underdog.

So you see that sports betting is not just about the big teams.  I strongly advise you to take advantage of proposition bets, especially if you follow a non-team sport and its competitors very closely.  Futures bets on these events can pay off very nicely.

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