Learn About Sports Pools

Learn About Sports Pools

Hello, again. This time I’ll be giving you a few tips about Pools. Many people have been enjoying both them for years and you should too. Let’s get started.
Many people are familiar with the basics of pools from being in one in their office or with a group of friends. There are two main types of pools – team-based pools and player-based pools. In the team-based ones you pick teams and, of course, in the player-based pools you pick players. They are both very simple and that’s why they are office favorites.

Team-Based Pools

These are great for playoffs such as basketball, football and hockey or for Tournaments like the NCAA’s March Madness (college basketball tournament) or The World Cup. All you have to do is pick which team will win and advance to the next round. These are the simplest pools around and they are great for large groups of people because they don’t require a lot of in depth knowledge to do well at.

Player-Based Pools

These are very simple to join as well but they do require a little more knowledge to do well at. For an example, in a hockey playoff I entered last year, all you had to do was pick one player from each group. Other pools will use different formats, such as giving players dollar values and then setting a salary cap. The main thing is to look into the players a little bit before you pick.

Where do I find information?

There are lots of places on the internet to find statistics and information. You can go to league sites such as the,, and also newspapers such as the USA Today. You can find as many statistics as you want to know – from team’s records on Sundays after 6PM in the rain to players’ statistics for different years. So if you want to join a pool, look around the internet as there are many you can join for around $20 or check back to The Gamble Goddess as we will be holding more free pools in the future.

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